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The Cohutta Strebig is a fantastic general use fixed blade knife that is a perfect size for belt carry. This is a knife that feels comfortable using around the property or out on a wilderness adventure. 8 1/8″ overall length with 4″ of cutting edge on 1/8″ A2 steel with a slim tapered tang. The handle on this Strebig is made from Osage that sits on natural micarta and blue g10 liners. Two 1/4″ natural micarta pins and a lanyard tube give this blade a total weight of 4.5 ounces.

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​Cohutta Strebig

This 1/8" thinly tapered tang O1 Cohutta Strebig is your next perfect belt knife. Designed and named after a real handmade knife aficionado, the Strebig is a pattern made for all around cutting performance in a variety of uses. The 8 1/8" overall length with a 4" blade is a great size for general use. Osage sits on blue g10 and natural micarta liners with two 1/4" natural pins and lanyard tube holding it together. Exceptionally balanced, this Strebig weighs in right at 4.5 ounces. Slap a Cohutta Strebig to your belt today and get to work!

Sheath not included (let us know if you need a recommendation for custom leather)

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Additional information


Cohutta Knife



Overall Length

8 1/8"

Blade Length



1/8" A2, tapered tang with textured flats

Handle Materials

Osage on natural micarta and blue g10 liners. 2 1/4" natural micarta pins and lanyard tube


NO sheath included


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