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My name is Daniel Nowell.  I am the owner and operator of Ransom Wilderness Co.  What started as a hobby of sharing pics of the outdoors and roaming around the mountains with my dog Tate has now turned into a business.  Our goal is simple: create adventure

Adventure feeds the soul…

I do not know exactly where that line comes from but it has stuck with me for as long as I can remember.  The human spirit thrives on adventure and a thirst for the unknown.  Whether a child imagining a sea of pirates in the shade of a dogwood tree or a group of friends venturing into a vast wilderness, it is the intimate and incremental experiences with the natural world that leads to amazing discoveries and an understanding of our place in it.   

From backyards to mountain tops, it doesn’t matter where you go.  It only matters that you go.  Get out there into the world; touch it, breath it and become a part of it.  Adventure is always waiting around every corner and behind every tree.  If you are lucky… adventure finds you. 

I believe your outdoor gear should inspire you to go outside and explore. RANSOM strives to carry lasting products that always drive you towards your next great adventure.

Daniel Nowell


Founder, Ransom Wilderness Co.