Shop our premium fire starters available at Ransom Wilderness Co. Fire plays a critical role for anyone sustaining in a wild environment. Flames provide warmth, coals for cooking, smoke for rescue signals, light and other important comforts. Most importantly, fire allows you to boil water for safe consumption. The importance in being able to reliably create fire in the wilderness cannot be understated. Having a reliable fire starter in your pack is a great step to ensuring your safety in the woods.

While practice in the skill of fire making is important education for any budding outdoors person, having a near guarantee way of making fire is a must. Fire starters fill a role, often as a back up, to compliment the use of natural materials. The fire starters offered at Ransom Wilderness Co are a great addition to anyone’s kit who want a sure fire way to turn a spark into roaring flame when natural resources are limited.

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