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Wax Wood Stick fatwood alternative by Canadian manufacturer PROCAMPTEK. It is a product meant to save you time from sourcing, processing and cleaning the sticky resin messes associated with natural fatwood. The unique formulation of Wax Wood Stick cuts way easier, takes a spark quicker, packs cleanly and leaves no sticky residue.


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​Wax Wood Stick Fatwood Alternative

Wax Wood Stick is an awesome fire starter manufactured in Canada by PROCAMPTEK (Production Hangar 51). It is made to mimic naturally found "fat wood" but without the sticky mess or difficulty for some in sourcing, preparing and packing. This unique fire starter cuts smoother and ignites easier than any natural fatwood and it burns HOT.

Each Wax Wood Stick is handcrafted. The sticks are made to achieve superb performance in all weather conditions. A special process removes all water from the wood before fully impregnating each stick with a proprietary wax formula. The result is a weatherproof product that cuts like butter, takes a spark with ease, and burns long and hot.

Fatwood, Lighter Knot, Pitch Wood

It is known by many names depending on where you are from. Whatever you call it, fatwood is regionally recognized as a amazing natural resource for survivalist, campers, bushcrafters, and just about any outdoors person in tune with the natural resources available to thrive in the wild.

Fatwood is naturally formed by pine trees when trees are cut down or damaged. It is a mechanism of the tree's root system to supply the wounded areas with pine pitch. The pitch saturates the damaged area and hardens the wood to protect the tree and provide resistance to rot.

The pitch itself contains high concentrations of natural chemicals called terpenes, giving it a familiar sweet turpentine smell. The terpenes are highly flammable and the sticky pitch containing them is waterproof. Highly flammable and waterproof - the perfect natural fire starting tinder!

Why Mess with Perfect?

Wax Wood Stick is made to mimic naturally occurring fatwood. But you may be asking yourself; "Why?" Fatwood is widely known as a perfect fire starter material. Why would anyone consider purchasing "fake" fatwood?  The makers of Wax Wood recognize that it is not enough to simply mimic fatwood, you have to do more because fatwood has some downsides that could be improved.

Natural fatwood is not always easy to find; especially if you don't know what you are looking for. Some areas are devoid of pines so you have to go out of your way to source the right trees. Once you do finally find some quality fatwood, it has to be processed into useable pieces. This processing can be messy and sticky, depending on the freshness of your fatwood find. Harvested chunks of fatwood come in no standard shape or size, so storing it for travel or various kits can be a challenge. All of these things add to the time used to source a useable piece of natural fatwood. What is your time worth?

Land Stewardship

Many people enjoy the outdoors on public land. Public wilderness areas all have their own unique set of rules governing their use and prohibited activities. From National Forest to large State Parks, each control their own rules concerning the flora and fauna within their boundaries. Some are very strict in the disturbance of natural resources, while others not so much. The harvesting and transport of fatwood from some of these lands could leave you with a warning from a park Ranger or a heavy fine in some of the more protected areas of the country. Wax Wood Stick skips all of that, saving you time while still allowing you to enjoy the ritual of preparing fire with your favorite knife and scraping off pieces of wax soaked wood. It also leaves our public lands free from human disturbance from an overzealous searches of Fatwood with axes and saws.

Wax Wood; The Final Word

PROCAMPTEK attempts to give you all of the benefits of naturally occurring fatwood without some of the drawbacks. Wax Wood Stick is not only easier to light than natural fatwood, it is more conveniently sized for your pack or fire kit and ready to go. Wax wood is softer for easier processing, with no sticky residue. It's dry, easy to pack and super easy to use. The "problems" of naturally occurring fatwood have been solved!

Save time and add some Wax Wood Stick to your fire kits today!

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