Ransom Wilderness Co dog mascot

Ready for Takeoff

And we are live!  While the creation of this website has seemed like a mountain that we have finally conquered, in reality we are only just beginning to climb.  The summit is high and we have a lot more work to do to reach our goal.  Thank you for joining us, and please check out the site.  Don’t forget to get signed up with our newsletter. There are also a few stunning handmade knives listed in the shop ready to go for those interested.   So much more to come! Stay tuned.

One last thing.  Meet Tate (short for Tater Tot).  He’s kind of a big deal around here.  Those that follow me on Instagram @FeralGentleman are probably already familiar with him.  He is such a big deal that you will be seeing a lot of his face around here and on various packaging and other branding for Ransom Wilderness Co.  Tate has been my loyal companion for nearly 10 years now.  Despite a growing family and less and less attention during the course of a typical day, he has remained a loyal and loving part of our family.  We have had many adventures together, and while his age is starting to show we both still have few more mountains to climb.  I hope you join us on our adventures.  Follow us on Instagram @Ransomwildernessco & @FeralGentleman and we’ll look for you on the trail. 



  1. Lara Nowell

    Love the website. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. ljhxkawq

    Nice site

  3. eriqejsn

    Can’t wait for you to begin blogging!

  4. oelzmnii

    Awesome site, love the knives!


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